• Platform


    The Genii platform runs on real-time engine co-developed with Microsoft, storage innovators Fusion-io and infrastructure giant Dell. Read more

  • Games


    Genii boasts a portfolio of over 125 online casino games which are either available individually or as part of a full solution offering. Read more

  • Mobile


    Genii is already the world’s largest provider of mobile games for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Read more

  • Cashier


    The Genii Cashier maximises usability and functionality to achieve player and operator financial goals. Read more

  • Bonus

    Bonus System

    The bonus system is seamlessly integrated into the Genii platform, all games and the Cashier system. Read more

  • Loyalty Programme

    Loyalty Programme

    A real-time loyalty system is integrated into the platform and all games. Read more

  • Casino Management

    Casino Management

    The suite of casino management applications offers the ability to manage all aspects of the casino operations. Read more

  • Insight CRM

    Insight CRM

    Insight is Genii’s world-beating customer relationship management product, leading the wider field and not just in the gaming context.
    Read more

  • Player Connect

    Player Connect

    All communications between player and operator are centralised and seamlessly manageable within the Player Connect suite. Read more

  • FLOW


    FLOW is Genii’s automated workflow processing system, configurable by operators to incorporate automation into their casino management policies and processes.
    Read more

  • Social


    The Genii platform integrates with Facebook to incorporate social networking into the gaming experience. Read more